// The Singularism as an aesthetic trend

Teatro o Bando maintains today the original collectivist methodology, based on an long achieved experience, named singularism.

The Singularism aesthetic methodology has the objective to achieve unexpecte and singular works precisely because they're not the result of a soul illuminated individual.

Those works can be recognized because the artistic leadership seeks the transpersonal dimension of its results and not by being merely based on variations of a same style that repeats itself.

This way, Teatro o Bando refreshes its acquired knowledges when it searches for a constant unease and defy in its unclassifiable shows.

The notion of singularism is now more though through, debated and clarified, being the structuring anchor of the group's internal organization - whose responsibilities and powers are progressively more shared, particularly by the younger members - and of all the initiatives in the group's different intervention areas.

The Theatrical Creation is also fueled by a group of micro and macro cultural activities, mainly in training, audience sensitization that interacting and with several types of participants contributes to a growing impact in the community, in the artistic métier and in the professional actor's training.